The applications for a Cruse Scanner in business and industry are endless!Stone LF


Cruse scanners have been used to:

  • Capture surface depth information for decor industry and particularly, the ceramic and laminate industries.
  • Capture gravure and cylinder building applications.
  • Capture images of wood, tile, stone and marble to make beautiful synthetic flooring.
  • Capture faithful, high resolution images of textiles, carpet, wall covering and more for catalogs.
  • Copy art for large scale display on billboards, buildings and public transportation.
  • Scan old blueprints and sketches to create corporate archives or create CAD files to import.
  • Scan electronic circuit boards for large scale prints for advertising display.
  • Scan nearly any design or product for copy write and/or patent documentation.

The applications are limited only to your imagination! We would enjoy discussing your ideas with you today!