Why does the Smithsonian own a Cruse Scanner?

The simple answer is: There is no better tool for the job, at any cost. Period.Girl looking at museum photos 1000px

RCP owns a Cruse Syncron scanner for organizations that cannot justify the large investment cost.

Create a perfect digital image archive file of any or all of your art.

  • Insurance valuations
  • Digital viewing via web
  • Education
  • Present a perfect digital reproduction for art donors and their families
  • Sell reproductions
  • License images for other applications


Fund raising is the never ending battle! RCP can assist you!

  • Present art reproductions to valuable donors.
  • Create resale inventory for gift shops and/or E-commerce.
  • RCP can assist with creating fund raising programs to raise cash for creating digital archives.
  • Professional image restoration services are available.
  • RCP creates & operates, private label websites for organizations that desire to market images / collections using an E-commerce web site. We can provide a complete turnkey service where all you do is collect a royalty check each month or any portion of the task you want help with.
  • Customizing services for individual clients is SOP at RCP!


RCP offers an initial consultation at no charge to organizations that want to explore their options.  RCP is a professional, cost effective & efficient resource for creating your digital archive and related services!


Cruse Scanners are used by:

  • J. Paul Getty Museum – Los Angeles, CA
  • NASA – Houston, TX
  • National Archive – Washington, DC
  • Pentagon – Washington, DC