RCP advises all artists to file for copyright protection on their art. Copyrighting is your proof of ownership of your intellectual property. Without this protection, your art becomes vulnerable for copying and intellectual property theft. There is absolutely no substitution for this protection. Because we believe so strongly in copyrighting, RCP is offering to file for copyright protection on your art for you! Effective 12-15-14, RCP will electronically file for your copyright for a one time flat fee.

As artists and business owners, we at RCP understand both the importance of intellectual property protection and the need to provide convenient services for clients. As a busy artist, you do not have the time to research the copyright process, gather information for the needed paperwork and then submit your completed electronic filing. At RCP, we can complete this process, on your behalf.

So why should you take advantage of this valuable service? If you believe that your art has value worth protecting, you wish to showcase your work without worry of theft or you may wish to license your art in the future then copyrighting is the answer. Even if you feel like completing this process with RCP is not for you, we still encourage you to file for a copyright yourself. It is important to protect your valuable intellectual property!

For more information about the importance of copyrighting, click here!