EPSON 9900

RCP uses Epson 9900 series printers exclusively for our fine art printing. We have tried all the others and have come to rely on Epson printers in combination with Epson ink. Our clients demand the highest level of accuracy for the archival quality prints. RCP delivers print on all medias with complete confidence in the longest possible life without fading or other deterioration. We maintain strict control of our digital color environment from start to finish. No print is delivered without inspection by our color experts.

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HP Latex 280

The HP Latex 280 Printer delivers a wide range of applications, from soft signage to POP displays, indoors or out. Our clients love this latex printer as it will print on (nearly) any type of media. Ranging from textiles, all types of vinyl, window films, tough media to cover rough walls and floors, PVC free wallpaper, all types of sign & banner media and much more. The HP Latex 280 is made with the environment in mind, so we are able to print while keeping sustainability and our carbon footprint in mind. This printer can print up to 264 cm (104 in) wide on many different types of media. Call us today to see if this is the right fit for your project: 517-647-4600

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